Right from crude cave paintings to modern art and all in between, man has always looked to express himself and his feelings through art in myriad forms. When art plays such a big role in our lives, our homes and our surroundings, is it any surprise that we want to celebrate the best moments of our lives with artwork that defines us and that celebrates the joyous occasions?

We at Ealain help you create a statement, an experience, a work of art for your special moments.

Each of our Wedding sets, designs, murals and paintings are unique and created keeping in mind the occasion and the people. We take pride in capturing the key concepts that define you and your family to design an experience that is uniquely you.

If you always dreamt of a royal wedding, we create palaces and castles. If you wanted a modern setting, we can help with designing a contemporary set. If you have always fantasized about anything, we will find a way to bring that out in our creations.