Our values guide us in all that we do. It defines us, to us and to everyone we come into contact with. A strong set of values ensure that we remain true to ourselves and the people we interact with, be it family, friends or the clients we work with. We have a set of values that we adhere by and that makes us unique.

Freedom - taking leaps of faith, thinking outside the box and experimenting with various themes and textures. Important for a company which works to create experiences based on a variety of race, customs and culture.

Integrity - In a business reliant on trust and mutual respect, integrity of the provider is paramount for happy and repeated clientele. We perform our duties to the best of our abilities and ensure the best experience to the clients.

Bold Designs - We take inspiration from a variety of objects, themes or events. We research various materials and architectural styles to ensure cutting edge designs for our discerning clientele.

Fun - The creation process should be as much fun as the event should be. We ensure that the end to end process is smooth and stress free for our clients

People First - An approach which ensures that people and their emotions take precedence over issues and objects. Holds true for our people and for our clients.