Wedding sets

Your wedding is a time for celebration. Of families coming together, of cultures melding and the union of 2 people. You want the best in terms of food, decor and all else to ensure a memorable wedding.

The wedding is also a great place to make a statement to your friends and families. To show your personality and your flair. Women always dream of a certain type of wedding, but due to the absence of those elements or of the people with skills to execute those, the dreams remain dreams. What if you can start your life together by giving her that dream as a wedding gift?

We specialize in creating unique themed sets for the person in you. Give us a concept and we will make it happen. Don't have an idea? let us help with a design that encompasses things you love.

We can recreate any kind of architecture, aspect or design element. From Opera Houses to Temples, from Grand Mandaps to 5 star Banquet Halls, from palaces to the clouds. We can recreate any aspect that you desire.

Talk to us to recreate a dream or to make a new one. We are there to help.